Basic Foundation

DEmery’s Perspective

Where I Come From

I was born in 1987 in Decatur, GA. By definition, that makes me a millennial, a young-‘un, and a few other slang terms for “not a teen, not middle-aged”. I was raised in a Christian home, which due to changes in where we lived was either Presbyterian or Baptist. I’m pretty passe about the differences between the two as a result.

I was always a prideful my-way-or-the-highway type, but that changed one step at a time after coming to faith in 2001. I’ve still struggled with more things than most Christians are willing to admit even happens (and doubtless these will come up with future posts), but each temptation conquered and each sin I seemingly couldn’t avoid has steadily vanished away to nothing. Sanctification isn’t just an SAT word; it happens.

My Basis

I’m a polymath, a mixed bag of interests, skills, and knowledge both actively used and simply available. Thus, I can say I’m an author, editor, engineer, surveyor, project manager, geospatial data analyst, programmer, and software designer. I dabble in economics, politics, psychology, religion, philosophy, logic, the meaning of language, and a dozen other things that aren’t coming to mind.

I’ve been in the military for going on 9 years, and have seen every corner of the US (and a few other foreign countries, some wanting me dead, others not). I’ve gotten to see firsthand a lot of the things many in the world can only guess at, or try to imagine through the lens of someone else’s experience. It’s created a broad appreciation for what makes America unique, but also a criticism of blind loyalty to ideas and nations because “it’s what we do.”

All of these are superseded by being a Christian. No matter how diverse my interests, everything relates back to God and His saving grace through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I’ve delved into the deep questions that a genuine faith requires, including as many of the strong “counter-arguments” to faith as I can find. I don’t believe in “leaps of faith”; the entire term is abhorrent to me. Anything that requires a “leap” isn’t based in truth, logic, or reason, and since God is Truth would not be coming from Him.

My Standards

I attack arguments and positions, not people. Likewise, when someone attacks my argument or position I don’t take offense. Healthy debate requires the ability to call something “stupid”, “illogical”, or “not as good as it sounds.” Hiding alternately behind insulting people (the oft-used ad hominem), or refusing to take any position that could be offensive are equal in my mind: neither debates, neither causes people to stop and consider what they’re saying.

Likewise, debate requires logic and thoughtfulness. As soon as either starts going away, it’s time to leave, address whatever is preventing them, and then maybe come back. I don’t believe in a “bashing on a brick wall with a sledgehammer until it falls” approach to argument. If we’re going nowhere, I’m going to stop arguing and say why. I don’t seek to “win”, I seek to find truth, especially if it contradicts what I thought was correct.


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