About Us

We’re two Christian men, a generation apart, who share a common basis in our faith: logic and reason. We firmly believe that since God is Truth, anything that points toward truth is functionally pointing toward Him. Part and parcel of that is that all aspects of the world are touched by God’s sovereignty. No topic is “beyond” our discussions and thoughts, as nothing is beyond Him.

We have vastly different backgrounds beyond that (see: DEMery‘s and WingedPanther73’s perspectives for more), and it’s near-guaranteed we won’t personally see eye-to-eye on every post written. Neither of us wants an echo chamber of “yes, I agree”, and points of disagreement are inevitable when everyone is made uniquely different.

Finally, we believe in open, respectful debate. Again, respectful. Slinging insults, outright logical fallacies, and the like are sure-fire methods for having one of us reply with the fallacy (we might even link to a description) and saying nothing more. We reserve the right to censor blatant insults and ban those who repeatedly make no effort to debate, but instead browbeat about how wrong we are. If we are wrong, we welcome any attempt to convince us otherwise. If anything, that’s why this blog exists.