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Discrimination: Misunderstood, Misused

Ah, the four letter word that’s actually 14 letters long. It’s what everyone levies when their “rights” are infringed, they feel offended, or there is anything about them that is different from the person they disagreed with the opinion of. Oh, and rarely, actual things that are violations of federal law and basic human decency.… Continue reading Discrimination: Misunderstood, Misused

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Christian-run Businesses: The Double Standard

A few days ago, I talked about the misunderstanding of equal rights and how it’s running up against freedom of association. The most clear example of this conflict is in the cases of Christian bakers, florists, and photographers. For simplicity, I will use the case of Baronelle Stutzman  (more specifically, Washington v. Arlene’s Flowers) to illustrate. NOTE: There are free… Continue reading Christian-run Businesses: The Double Standard

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Equal Rights vs. Freedom of Association

These days, there’s a lot of discussion about how important “equal rights” are to maintaining freedom in America (and other countries with similar laws and legal structures, but I’m focusing on just the USA). The most clear champions of the term are social progressives, who constantly seek to “progress” society by identifying someone who is… Continue reading Equal Rights vs. Freedom of Association

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Throwing Money At a Problem Doesn’t (Necessarily) Fix It

One of the consistent cries we hear from people who want to see more money allocated to various programs is that, “We need more money to fix [favorite program]!” Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always work. The Idea The idea is simple: if a program/department/whatever is failing to achieve desired goals, it is probably caused… Continue reading Throwing Money At a Problem Doesn’t (Necessarily) Fix It

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SOGI Laws and Unintended Consequences

Almost immediately after Obergefell v. Hodges was decided by the Supreme Court, the progressive movement said “yay”, and set about the next problem with society that needed solving in its opinion: transgender acceptance. The ways this is being accomplished have numerous problems, ones that are consistently ignored in favor of politically correct “tolerance” platitudes. Framing the… Continue reading SOGI Laws and Unintended Consequences